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Airfares go up (and sometimes down) like a plane in air turbulence. The airlines use computersystems to calculate ticket prices based on a complicated mix of factors,
including competition, demand, the state of the economy, seasonality, taxes, the fuel costs and much more. It is impossible to predict ticket prices of the future. BUT
Tuesdays and Wednesdays are generally the two best days to fly if you want to save.

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Did you ever noticed that a certain flight got MORE EXPENSIVE the second time you tried ?
That is because airlines don't want you to get the very cheapest flights they offer. They use cookies
to notice you klicked a certain offer before and then their system increases the fare automatically.
Is there anything you can do about that ? The good news is YES !
  • Clean all including "hidden" cookies with Slim Cleaner before you try the same flight again.
  • The second time use another Browser like Opera
  • Use another computer to book the best flight
Other secrets:
Booking around 7 weeks ( 49 days ) in advance on a Tuesday
afternoon US time
will usually give you best deals.
Consider flying early morning or very late.
Airfare at airports within 100 miles of each other can vary drastically, making it increasingly
important to consider savings to and from different cities and towns.


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