Summer 2021– Planting Plants 

Inspired by the time spent in community-oriented Auroville I took the chance to get funding by the Senate to start a neighbourhood project enhancing greenliness as well as neighbourhoodliness by planting in public spaces in the concrete-ridden district of Friedrichshain. 


Spring 2021 – Investigating NFTs 

I am interested in the ongoing "etherization" of our analogue world, especially money which seems to become more and more abstract in my personal view. Curious to see where everything is going next. A few of my work can now be found on Open Sea.


Spring 2021 – Joycenter//Facilitating Upcycling Workshop Space

In Spring I spent three months facilitating an upcycling space for an international group of unemployed people registered with the German Jobcenter. Pictured above is my personal favourite - a Mayan City made from a pressboard package basically just turned upside down. 


Winter 2020 – Research into Artificial Intelligence

Investigating creative collaborations with Artificial Intelligence using GAN 2 applications. Above is one of my favourites - a heart shaped version of planet Earth.


Winter 2021 – AI x UBI Platform

Creation of a prototype platform with the idea to generate Unconditional Artist Salary/Basic Income by selling automated art created by algorithms as a response to the first Christie´s auction of an AI work around that time. Surprisingly, I failed to find support in this endeavour and had to kill the project. The beauty of the idea was to undo some ideas around work and ego. 

I also created an alter ego social media fake persona with the algorithmically created fake face pictured above and enjoyed some silly flirtations as well as political questioning in the virtual realms of Instagram. The project triggered way more questions than answers with every turn, so I was actually a bit relieved to let it go. 

Summer 2020 – Opening a temporary Art Space

To use the standstill two friends & me opened a temporary art space in Berlin Neukölln. It was especially beautiful to see how open and grateful the neighbours were for cultural input after half a year of semi lockdown.  We invited musicians, invited passers-by for our weekly tea time drawing sessions and had an exhibition, before gentrification continued and the space got refurbished after two months. 

Susan – 30 Tage Kunst im Kiez

Funny Times – Cancellations

Cancellation of my planned exhibition at Republica Berlin because everything got cancelled during that time.

The Golden Discs of Matrimandir, Auroville.

January to March 2020 – Experimental Utopia

Almost by chance I ended up living three months in Auroville, an experimental township in South India. A very special time that was ended just as unexpectedly as it started after the Indian government went into panic mode and decided to lock the whole country down almost overnight. Altogether a very weird yet beautiful experience highlighting the extreme contrasts existing in parallel on our planet earth. 

This time marked an important passageway as I had unexpectedly stumbled upon a physical representation of what I had been trying to create in my work. In lack of a better expression I would call it finding an actual utopian spaceship that has landed on earth. 


September 2019 – Augmented Reality Workshops

Aurora School for Artists - training to integrate Augmented Realities into artistic practice at University of Applied Sciences (HTW Berlin).


January 2019 – Exhibition & Werkschau Program

Group exhibition on January 23rd at The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin.


October 2018 – Artist Residency & Research


October 2018


Artist residency & research in Chile´s Atacama Desert until mid-November, watching the stars and working on a project with La Wayaka Current, an artist-led organisation developing projects in connection to remote environments ecology and communities.


Spring 2018 – Explorations

Travelling in Northern Colombia & research into Peruvian indigenuous culture which impressed me with a seemingly miraculous connection to plants and wildlife.

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Susan Buckow © 2018                                        Instagram